Sustainability is a core value of our business. Tintic Consolidated Metals is committed to building and maintaining constructive, lasting, relationships with our stakeholders. We achieve this through environmental stewardship, social responsibility, superior shareholder returns, and contributions to the national, state and local economies through direct and indirect employment and a preference to use local suppliers. Tintic Consolidated Metals recognizes the importance of aligning our actions with internationally shared frameworks such as the United Nations Development Programme’s white paper, “Mapping Mining to the Sustainable Development Goals:  An Atlas” (  By using these frameworks to guide and evaluate our efforts, we create meaningful value for our business and for society. 


Stewardship of the environment is a core value of the company. TCM’s current mining operations are fully permitted with the corresponding reclamation plan and bond paid. We have regular consultations with the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining and to communicate and coordinate all exploration and mining activities and their management and permitting status.

The East Tintic Mining District of Utah is over a hundred years old, and TCM brings modern environmental standards that ultimately benefit the environment, such as repurposing old tailings and waste into paste and backfill for our underground operations. At TCM, we continually monitor environmental conditions in the areas near our operations to evaluate the impacts of our activities and define strategies and plans to address them. Through the principles of usage reduction, reutilization recycling and elimination, we apply best practices to prevent pollution and manage waste.

Employee Health and Safety

The safety of our people is our first priority and foremost in our minds at all times. Our mantra is Zero Harm. We strive to employ best safety practices with robust systems contributing to a safe work environment. Our health and safety management approach is designed around empowering all our employees to control and minimize risks associated their own activities and with our operations. Safety training and employee development are integrated into the daily operations in order to instill a safety culture and improve performance. All personnel and contractors are expected to be leaders in health and safety through safe and responsible behavior, identification of hazards, and the elimination and control of risks.